Faucet, Shower, and Toilet Installation

Need a plumber? Call our handyman instead. A drip! A drop? We’ll make that leak stop!

Is your leaky toilet getting you down? Are you tired of constantly calling the plumber and feeling like there is never an end to the cycle? We know that plumbing issues can be a headache. That's why we offer professional plumbing handyman repairs at a fraction of what plumbers charge. Our handyman services are not only affordable, but they're also reliable.

Faucet, shower and toilet installation in New York City
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We believe that remodeling contractors should be transparent and reliable.

A home is a place of comfort and refuge. Every home has its own personality, which changes over time as the family grows. But when those changes are significant, it's best to call in experts for help with making your vision come true.
That's where Arber Construction can help you. We offer years of experience and know-how to make that vision come to fruition.

We focus on a renovation process that speaks directly to our client's needs and maintain complete transparency every step of the way. Our clients enjoy working with us and we encourage them to be a part of the process. You can trust that we are honest, hard-working, meticulous, and talented.

These qualities allow us to provide you with a beautiful, long-lasting, and on-budget completion of your house, brownstone, condo, or apartment.

Faucet, Shower, and Toilet Installation

Leaking faucets? Hot showers not so great anymore? Trust our expert handyman for complete plumbing services for the home.

Leaky faucets and broken toilets are not only annoying, but they waste gallons of water every day. We offer an affordable alternative to hiring a plumber for your small jobs.

Our handymen come right to your home or apartment and fix the problem quickly so that it doesn't become any more extensive than necessary.

Our services include:

  • leak detection
  • faucet repair and installation
  • toilet repair and installation
  • shower repair and installation
  • bathtub repair and installation
  • sump pump replacement

Faucet and shower leaks

Leaking bathroom faucet in New York City apartment

Leaks waste water and money and lead to other problems such as mold growth in the home if left unchecked for too long.

If you're like most homeowners, you probably don't have a lot of time to deal with such minor issues. You're busy and want things done right the first time.

But calling a plumber can be expensive and inconvenient. Plus, they'll often recommend repairs that may be unnecessary.

If you're experiencing minor leaks in the kitchen or the bathroom, there's no need to call an expensive plumber. Our handymen can fix your leaky faucet, replace the showerhead or fix a broken toilet.

Old Caulk

Replacing old bathtub caulk in New York City apartment

Cracked or peeling tub caulk can be a real problem. Not only does it look bad, but it can leak and cause damage to your home.

You don't want your walls and floors ruined by water damage, do you?

Our experienced handymen can restore the looks of your tub, stop water damage and prevent mold with our expert caulking service.

Don't let an old or damaged bathtub caulk ruin the look of your bathroom and cause expensive damages to your walls, floors, woodwork, or basement ceiling.

Hire us for a quick yet thorough bathtub caulking job that is sure to last for years!

Toilet Repair and Installation

Installing and repairing toilet in New York City apartment

It’s essential to keep your toilet in good shape, but it can be hard to know when you should replace it. 

The average toilet is used over 2,000 times each year. That’s a lot of wear and tear! If your toilet has been around for more than ten years, it may need replacement soon.

We can install any brand of toilets and fix any issues with existing ones – whether they're leaking or broken in some other way. Our experienced handymen will come out quickly, assess the situation, and let you know what needs to be done without trying to sell you anything extra along the way!

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